Virginia Apprenticeship Council

Apprenticeship Council

The Virginia Apprenticeship Council, established by the Virginia General Assembly (§2.2-2044) sets standards for apprentice agreements in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Council includes eleven members, four representatives from employer and employee organizations respectively with familiarity of apprenticeable occupations are appointed by the Government. The remaining three members of the Council serve as ex-officio members include:


  • Director, Virginia Works (Department of Workforce Development and Advancement)
  • Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System
  • A local superintendent from a school division that provides apprenticeship related technical instruction

Apprenticeship Council MEMBERS

Mr. Douglas L. Straley

Term Expires: 06/2025

Mr. Grant Shmelzer

Term Expires: 06/2025

Mr. Christopher M. Cash

Term Expires: 06/2024

William J. Dunn

Term Expires: 06/2025

Mr. Patrick J. Dean

Term Expires: 06/2025

Dr. Jameo Pollock

Term Expires: 06/2025

Mr. R. Dudley Harris

Term Expires: 06/2024

Dr. Latitia McCane

Term Expires: 02/2026

Steven Masterson

Term Expires: 06/2026

Ex-Officio Members

Ms. Carrie Roth, Director, Virginia Works

Department of Workforce Development and Advancement 

Sharron Morrissey, (Interim) Chancellor Ex-Officio

Virginia Community College System
Designee: Dr. Angela Lawhorne

You may pay for your inspection certificate invoice online. Accepted methods of payment include:

  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Electronic Check (E-Check)
  • Electronic Transfer (EDI)
  • Money Order
  • Cash IS NOT accepted

If you wish to pay by credit card or e-check, you will need certain information from your invoice, including invoice number and the Virginia number (VA number) of one of the objects. The VA number can be found on the table that appears on the invoice. You will only need to provide one VA number, even if your invoice lists several object numbers.

For all other methods of payment, please follow the instructions on the invoice and the remittance form you received.

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