VOSH Consultation Services

Consultation Services

The Department of Labor and Industry provides free VOSH Consultation services to help small Virginia employers, with less than 250 employees, better understand and voluntarily comply with the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) standards. Contact us today to ensure VOSH Compliance and reduce workplace injuries.


  • Training and Program development.
  • RAvoid VOSH citations and penalties.
  • Improve morale among employees.
  • rReduce workplace injuries, illnesses, and worker's compensation costs.
  • UIdentify and correct potential safety and health hazards in your workplace.

We Offer Training

VOSH offers free Occupational Safety and Health training to Virginia employers with less than 250 employees. Let our experienced consultants provide customized training based on your needs. This training can be formal or informal, and delivered right at your site.

Topics may include: electrical standards, excavation and trenching, machine guarding, respiratory protection, noise, safety and health management, confined spaces, falls, recordkeeping, industrial hygiene, lockout/tagout, and logging.

Safety & Health Achievement
Recognition Program (SHARP)

The Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) recognizes employers with exemplary safety and health management systems. The SHARP program has an elite membership with active sites throughout the state and includes many different industries such as construction, contracting, packaging, refrigeration, materials handling, fabrication and others. Contact us to see if you qualify.


You are eligible for SHARP if you:
  • Have no more than 250 employees at the site and not more than 500 total employees at all sites within the same Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) controlled nationwide.
  • Are a single, fixed worksite.
  • Have at least one full year in operation.
  • Have a Lost Workday Injury and Illness (LWDII) rate and a Total Recordable Case Rate (TRCR) below that for your industry within the established SIC or be willing to commit the time and resources to reduce your current rates to those required over an 18-month deferral period.
  • Are on VOSH’s high hazard inspection list, or have a SIC on any emphasis program list at the national, state or local level.
Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) information graphic

* The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry offers a companion program for large employers, the Virginia Voluntary Protection Program (VVPP). If you are interested in this program learn more by contacting our team here!

What people say
about DOLI

“Have you ever taken a test and were so nervous you would fail and then all of a sudden someone shows up and hands you all of the answers to the test. Then they give the answers to the questions that aren’t even on the test.

Welcome to the totally free, totally professional side of DOLI/VOSH. Consultation will not only come assist you and your workers on your site, but they will assist even when they can’t get to your site. Over the past five years significant relationships have developed for not only Barton Malow Company but for our subcontractors as well.

Mark Haggenmaker

Barton Malow

“I believe that the consultation arm has helped us prevent injuries and illnesses and improved our culture of caring and close call communicating.”

Anthony Bowers

Colonial Webb Contractors

“The VOSH Consultation Program has been a huge help to VFP, Inc. We have used this service for the past two years and I couldn’t be more pleased with the advice and expertise they have provided us. We are so glad to know about the Consultation Program and we plan to schedule one every year. More companies should take advantage of this free service which helps ensure the safety of our employees.”

Stephanie Harbin


Contact Us


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6606 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23230

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Office: (804) 371-2327
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Email Address

You may pay for your inspection certificate invoice online. Accepted methods of payment include:

  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Electronic Check (E-Check)
  • Electronic Transfer (EDI)
  • Money Order
  • Cash IS NOT accepted

If you wish to pay by credit card or e-check, you will need certain information from your invoice, including invoice number and the Virginia number (VA number) of one of the objects. The VA number can be found on the table that appears on the invoice. You will only need to provide one VA number, even if your invoice lists several object numbers.

For all other methods of payment, please follow the instructions on the invoice and the remittance form you received.

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